• Company founder Edoardo Pellegrini Petit established the Attard & Co in 1921. The partnership was named after Edoardo`s wife, whose maiden surname was Attard
    As from day one the organisation dealt in diversified trades. Operating from their first office in Strada Federico, Valletta, Attard & Co. were in the business of insurance, photography, Dutch chocolates, gin and matches.
  • Attard & Co becomes authorised agent of Talens & Zoon, a leading supplier of artists’ materials based in Holland
    (1924 - January)
  • Attard & Co is appointed agent for Union Assurance, later to be known as Commercial Union Assurance
  • Foto Prodotti Gevaert contacted Edoardo Pellegrini Petit to become the official representatives of Fotoprodotti Gevaert here in Malta. This marked the year that Attard & Co entered the ‘photo products’ line of business. Imports in the early days consisted in photographic films, x-ray films and photographic paper
    Foto Prodotti Gevaert eventually became known as Agfa – Geveart after the merger with German company AGFA AG.
  • Foto Prodotti Gevaert mother company - Gevaert Photo-Producten N.V., based inBelgium, officially recognises Attard & Co. as its authorised dealer for Malta. Consignments start to be shipped out to Malta for the first time from Antwerp
    This was the year that saw Attard & Co start to focus primarily on the importation and distribution of photo products in Malta.
  • Edoardo Pellegrini Petit meets with Lieven Gevaert, the founder of the renowned photo firm, at the World Exhibition in Brussels.
  • Joseph Pellegrini Petit, second born son of Edoardo commences his business career and starts to administer company affairs following founder Edoardo’s demise at the age of 63. Even though the company was still young, by 1945 it had grown from strength to strength under the prodigious direction of Edoardo.
  • 1952 is a significant year in the organisation’s history as it marks the occasion the company acquired offices in the country’s capital Valletta
    In post-war Malta business was already booming and by 1952 Attard & Co was on a progressive growth path which allowed management to take the decision to move office. Valletta was the main business hub at the time and under new direction Attard & Co moved to a new and more spacious office closer to city gate.
  • The first ever photocopier to reach Maltese shores bore the Lumoprint marque. Imported by Attard’s sister firm G.D. Laferla, the technology prevalent at the time had been diffusion transfer. Gevaert “Copyrapid” sensitised papers came into widespread use in offices.
  • Attard & Co were appointed agents for yet another leading brand, Wild Heerbrugg Ltd., of Switzerland, later to become Leica
    (1956 - December)
    Post war Malta was developing fast, new buildings were developing on the skyline and the demand for architects and draughtsmen`s materials was on the rise. Towards the end of the year, Attard & Co. once again diversifies its portfolio further and enters the surveying, microscopy and precision instruments line for the first time as agents for Wild Heerbrugg Ltd., of Switzerland.
  • The merger between the two giant photo firms Agfa and Gevaert is announced. Attard & Co. are appointed sole agents for all products supplied by Gevaert Photo-Producten N.V. (est 1894), Mortsel, Belgium as well as of Agfa AG (est 1867) Leverkusen and Munich, Germany
  • Agfacolor Laboratory is earmarked as one of two early colour film processing laboratories to start operations in Malta
  • Another of Edoardo’s sons, George Pellegrini Petit joins the firm in a new administrative capacity. Next in line to his brother Joseph, George joined Attard & Co to support the growing family business
  • As the colour film processing business boomed, Agfacolor Laboratory moves premises to Granaries Street, Floriana. The decision to move was based on the fact that Attard & Co had purchased new, state of the art equipment which required larger premises.
  • Minolta GmbH appoints Attard and Co Ltd as their official agents in Malta
    (1971 - 1975)
  • This year marked yet another strategic turn for the company. Cesare Fiorucci S.p.A., the leading Italian label for fine processed meats, and later, cheeses, accepts Attard & Co. to represent its interest in Malta on an exclusive basis. This representation allowed the company to enter the foodstuffs line of business, further diversifying its product portfolio
    That same year, the youngest two Pellegrini Petit brothers, Walter and Tonio, met with Signor D`Antona, who later became their commission agent after introducing them to Cesare Fiorucci.
  • Compugraphic Corporation, Wilmington, U.S.A. becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Agfa-Gevaert. Attard & Co. are appointed sole agents for the world’s leading brand of phototypesetters (later to become imagesetters) and takes the plunge into the world of electronic prepress technologies in the field of Graphics
    (1983 - December)
  • Attard & Co Ltd, the company as we know it today is established
    (1988 - December)
    The co-owners and partners of Attard & Co. set up a limited liability company by the new name of Attard & Co. Ltd.
  • Towards the end of the year, Italian coffee maker Saquella appoints Attard & Co to distribute its coffee in the local market as sole agents. The introduction of this leading brand was part of the natural progression of the foodstuffs line
    (1991 - November)
  • Edward Martin is designated company Managing Director
  • In March 1994, Agfa presents Attard & Co`s Graphic Division with the International trophy, a bronze cantering horse, for outstanding performance in introducing Accuset and electronic prepress systems here in Malta. This trophy of recognition bares particular significance as a cantering horse is a champion, a symbol of strength, prestige and elegance
    (1994 - March)
  • The Industrial business line is launched amid cautious deliberation
    (1994 - September)
    Diversification into yet another line of business, this arm of the company provided products and services for the support of the construction industry The overseas markets branch of Attard & Co. (Industrial) Ltd., would later emanate with the setting up of a first base on foreign soil in Tripoli, Libya.
  • Inspired by Agfa’s International trophy award of 1994, Attard Group adopts the cantering horse as its corporate logo on January 31st
    (1996 - January)
    During the same year, two awards for excellence are presented to Attard & Co`s Scientific Division by GBC as well as The Leica Microscopy Group respectively for excelling in sales of equipment in 1994.
  • The Photo Division within Attard & Co. Ltd. obtains sole agency representation for Olympus Optical Co. (UK) Ltd. cameras
    (1996 - April)
  • On February 29th 2000, Attard & Co Foodstuffs becomes the third business group to be spun off as a separate entity
    (2000 - February)
    Attard & Co. Ltd. remains the parent company and now holds vested interests in 3 subsidiaries: Attard & Co. (Photolabs) Ltd., Attard & Co. (Industrial) Ltd. and Attard & Co. (Foodstuffs) Ltd. Yet a fourth subsidiary would be formed in 2002.
  • Attard & Co. Industrial is appointed exclusive agent for Buffa Srl of Sicily. A leading manufacturer for external and internal finishes, waterproofing, paints and plasters
  • In June 2001 the Foodstuffs Business Group begins to trade in wines and spirits as it widens its brand and product portfolios by obtaining jurisdiction over a variety of fine wine labels and liquors such as Michele Chiarlo, Sella & Mosca, Guigal, Vigna San Pedro, Simonsig and Peter Lehmann
    (2001 - June)
  • On December 28th 2001 Attard & Co. Ltd. vacates its Valletta offices in South Street after 50 years of corporate activity and inaugurates its new premises at Canter House, Marsa, which becomes its official seat
    (2001 - December)
    By 2001 Attard & Co. Ltd. employed a total of 100 persons. The decision was made to move to a much larger premises in Marsa, an ideal location on the main arterial roads between the airport and Valletta.

    Once again inspired by the recognition trophy of the Cantering Horse, the new premises was given the name Canter House, later to be known as Canter Business Centre.
  • Management responds to new perils in Graphics and forms a new enterprise Attard & Co. (ImageExcel) Ltd. for the purpose of offering Computer-to-Plate services to printing establishments
  • Attard & Co. Ltd. unveils its first presence on the World Wide Web
  • World Express Logistics Ltd. was established to offer freight and logistics services for worldwide destinations
    (2004 - February)
  • IIM Business Consultants Ltd was established to offer a range of services which would facilitate business ventures in Malta, the Mediterranean basin and North Africa
  • On the 2nd June 2006 Attard & Co. Imaging was established in order to focus on the provision of specialised imaging services to the printing industry in Malta
  • Evolve Ltd. was established to meet the requirements of laboratory-dependent organisations through innovative and well adapted products and services. The organisation is today one of the local leaders in laboratory set ups and high tech equipment sourcing
  • T4B Services Ltd. was established in order to offer services in the building finishing industry. The company focuses on successfully completing buildings past the construction stage while adding value to the property
  • Anchor Maritime services was set up to offer ship and liner agency services
  • On October 15th 2010, Prosecure was set up as a subsidiary company to Attard & Co Industrial in order to provide specialised solutions for the Defence, Security and Forensic industries
    (2010 - October)
  • VAST Services was launched as a division of Attard & Co Industrial to offer value-added sales and technology services to the European market on behalf of Asian partners
  • The new Attard and Co web portal has been designed and launched in order to strengthen the online portfolio of Attard & Co Ltd. as a Group
    (2011 - October)